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CROWN Alumni Update - Sept.24, 2018

Welcome Crown Alumni carry-in participants.

WOW! That was a record party for our group. Prior years indicated an average of ~100 attendee's. This venue had 160 chairs at tables. But according to the sign in sheet we had at least 212. It was really nice that so many attended. It was common as the afternoon progressed to see people with such a surprised looks on their faces when they found an old friend. I only had 7 left over pens and we bought 230. All the swag and the raffle items, such fun to give away. In case you are wondering we financially finished in the black with a surplus of ~$144. The committee likes to finish in the black ☺. If you hit the "Photo Album" tab you can see the professional pictures taken by Ian. Click on any one of them and increase magnification. The photos are very detailed, taken with high pixel count. You can easily focus in on the faces in the back row of the group picture. And oh the food!!!! So much yummy food! Salads, desserts, specialty items, and of course deviled eggs.

In case you're wondering, we had attendees from as far away as New York, Texas, and Florida.

So now what you ask? The committee has decided to continue the carry-in but to make two significant changes. First, we are going to have them every year instead of every 3 years, always on the same Saturday and at the same place. More on this to follow. And secondly, since Crown is now only alive in our hearts we want to change the focus from Crown Audio centered to the people of Crown. The events will be much simpler with only a carry-in at noon and time to visit. Almost all the committee members said this one was a lot of work and the committee members didn't get much time to visit. We all want to go back there. Food, visit, go home, see you again next year. Whoever shows on a given year will be that years attendance. And this web page will stay as up and be our main communications tool. More on this later as well.

In closing, I really want to thank the committee and the new members we drafted this year. Nobody turned us down when asked. The rookies were Jim Beattie (MC), Jim Marks (parking director), Deb Vermeulen (interview coordinator), Kim Zimmer (food coordinator), and Verne Searer (Video Verne!).

And a special thanks to Dan Del Fiorentino of NAMM for his video archiving and very generous financial donation without which we would have been in the red big time.

And now a few words from your chairman. I am sad to see Crown close. While we were there we made lifelong friends. Crown after all is the people. The technology was awesome, due to really smart and dedicated employees, but it could never give you a hug or listen to you when you needed a friend. I am blessed by my relationship with all you fine people. May God keep His watchful eyes on us all and keep us safe in His will.

See you next year.

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