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Announcing The 2024 annual Crown Alumni picnic

This year’s alumni picnic carry-in is set for Saturday June 15th again at Cobus Creek county park in Elkhart County. Last years, first one at Cobus Creek was a cold one as you no doubt recall. Coupled to that was the noise from the first annual Elkhart Air Show. So this year we hope to fix both situations by moving our date into June.

One of the excellent benefits of Cobus creek is the first class heated bathrooms. I guess I am getting old whern such things are significant…..

We will put out another announcement reminding everyone in April. Hope to see you then

Clyde will open with the family prayer and Jim Beattie’ (MC) will have some fun comments as well.

Bring your cameras and get some fun pictures.

In closing let me say that this, our 21th anniversary (first was in 2003) was one that 60 people will not forget. And a special thank you to all who helped organize, put it on, and clean up afterwards. It was fun to renew acquaintances and tell old and new stories. Crown was surely a typical large family.

Tom Szerencse

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