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Crown Alumni non-picnic social event recap

Alumni that were there:

(I do not have an e-mail address for Tom Frisz and Peggy Scholfield. If any of you have one or both please pass it along.)

Thanks for bringing snacks. The deviled eggs were good, the chips and dip, and the brownies were all good.

The event lasted ~3 hours, 11:30 to roughly 2:30.

As a courtesy to the guests the committee paid the $3 gate charge for 11 cars. Least we could do for hosing up this year’s event.

The real winner were the mosquitoes, spiders out there. The humidity lived up to its billing and was wicked.

Craig, thanks for the blessing.

Thank you all for coming on such short notice.

Here are a few photos that were taken.

Tom Szerencse

Announcing the first ever Crown Alumni social gathering non-picnic

Here is a thought. We have paid 100% of the park rental for the Stable Shelter pavilion for tomorrow from 10 to 5. If any of you would like to take a chance on your own, you can still come at noon and see who shows up. Bring a mask if you feel like you need one. It will be totally unorganized, no formal event, no food. Just a chance to see whomever wants to see old friends. Bring your own water supply as it is supposed to be wickedly humid with a heat index approaching 100°.

Again, this is totally unorganized. Call any of your friends. We own the stable shelter (map) from 10 to 5. Come and go as you like. Order pizza delivery if you want for your small party. Heck, maybe 5 or 40 people might show?

It will cost $3 at the gate to get in. Bring the family. All I need to stress is that you pick up after yourself when you leave so we don't get a bad reputation or charged a clean up fee. I will be there at noon with my water bottle (or two).

The overall thinking is that with a smaller crowd the covid virus among us vaccinated folks or people with antibodies from a previous encounter may be small. All the responsibility is on you, bring a mask if you want. Don't come if you are worried.

I know this is a last minute offer but we own the shelter so feel free to use it. And don't feel pressured to come. We will all understand if 5 people show up. Visit for an hour and take off. Whatever. Bring law chairs if that gives you some distancing peace.

Tom Szerencse

Crown Alumni Carry-in picnic 2021 is POSTPONED

Hello Crown friends. After looking at the covid data and much discussion with the steering committee we have come to a consensus that we should NOT have this Saturdays picnic.

The data is high and still climbing. I have attached a graph of its progress and it's plain to see we are getting back into dangerous territory.

So pass the word asap so people don’t invest time and money to travel for nothing. On the brighter side the committee does not want to wait a year and is considering moving it to an earlier date. I would love to hear from you on how a Fall or Spring event would be received.

I was looking forward to seeing you all again. Please stay safe and I’ll be back with you all when we have made some new decisions. All moneys donated thus far will be saved for my upcoming boat payment………… (kidding)

Tom Szerencse

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